Wednesday, 2 May 2018

When I was a kid , the word Cancer didn't hold much of a meaning in my life. As I grew people started using as a name for some deadly disease that could drag your dear ones away

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

My hunt for self identity continues

The hunt of self identity still continues

Every time I introduce myself to a new face I take a second's break to think how to frame my introduction ... and every time I end up changing my profile according to the situation.
I wonder whether everyone faces the same confusion or is it a facet that I alone go through.
Being a part of the female gender , I agree that our introduction tag keeps changing...sometimes as the daughter of someone ... sometimes as the wife of someone and sometimes as the mother of someone. I agree that relational tags are a pride of every women . Yet I remain confused over my hunt of my self introductory tags ...
I am always unsure to introduce myself as a graphic designer for I know I am not good enough to be tagged so ... 
I can't claim to be a writer as I am still debating on whether I am one ....
Am I a life coach 🤔... lol.. not exactly because even now I find myself in many situations more confused than anyone else ... just like now.
An artist .... no .... 
A blogger ..hmmm.....
A business consultant ... 😏...
A social activist.... maybe ....
There are many more tags that I use for myself doubtfully.... lol... but I always feel that's not how  I want to define myself .
These are just my crazes that I had tried out in life and so I feel that these are not me fully but just a piece of myself.
Hence the search of my identity still continues ...

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A page out of my life

Feeling contented ....
            It was exactly an year ago that I noticed that not even 2% of the entire people having problems doesnt consult a psychologists or a counselor. I was pursuing my Masters in Psychology when I realised that.  Even I had gone through stress, anxiety and depression during varied facets of my life, yet I had never taken help. Those simple problems or fears that we get could have been easily eradicated with an open talk were mostly healed over time, after undergoing lot of stress and strain in the process or  some fears lay buried within us even without us knowing till the time comes when something else triggers it to surface back. Some people live with it for the rest of their life while some unable to come out of it end up in self destruction.
Even when we live in such a developed society why is this happening? There are many psychologist ,counselors, life coaches and even counselling units that are absolutely free. Still people find it difficult to approach them. Why?
I realise it is simply because of two fears, one internal and the other external . ...The primary internal fear to speak up and accept the situation they are in right now and the second the external fear of what the society or what the counselor might think of them after hearing it out.I wanted to do something about that . 
For me the study of psychology was not time pass nor out of influence, but out of my passion to understand the complexities of our thoughts. As I read through many cases where people landed in self destruction because of some small ,easy tackable problem, the urge in me to do something about this increased.
The  primary fear could only be dealt through counselling , but how can we counsel our speaker when they aren't ready to open up because of the secondary fear of getting exposed. 
It was then I thought of launching a website where people could come and talk to us any time from any part of the world. More than the convinence factor, the speciality of  the site would be the client/ speaker being able to talk to the life coaches without revealling his or her identity.
The hunt for a site name ended in svaastika, which is a sanskrit word meaning 'self initiated' . Well that sounded truely Indian and indeed apt. The logo that I designed was a mixture of the ancient Indian symbol of psychology which was later accepted worldwide(the shape of TRISHUL, the weapon of Lord Shiva) and the first letter of the name 'Svaastika'. Thus Svaastika the online counselling site came into existance.
After listening to some of the counselling sessions online, I understood that majority of the problems arose out of their lack of knowledge to deal with situations. So we started conducting talkshows and workshops to educate people about their own powers. We needed a legalised organisation to extend our activities in this realm.
It took 2 months for us to legalise Svaastika into an NGO. Thus the NGO Svaastika took birth by May 2016 to initiate the concept of well being with its headquarters in Trivandrum,kerala.
Now as we cross an year we have grown into a global organisation with chapters in India,US and Middle east with a strong board of trustees, an advisory board of eminent members consisting of Lawyers, Doctors,HODs, and more than 500 volunteers.
Within an year we have diversified our reach into other activities like campaigns, free education camps, fund raising events, animal welfare, infrastructure development, food distribution camps along with our Mind spa, our online and offline counselling wing.
We do give assistance in infrastructural development by renovating libraries, computer labs and other basic amenities for backward schools, academic and non academic supportive classes , free food for the needy, Free skill based educational programs , animal protection acts along with motivational and supportive talkshows and workshops.
We have been  successfully managing a 24/7 counselling helpline for anyone in distress through our skype id where anyone could consult our life coaches without revealing their identity.
As I retrace my previous year , I have to agree that it was indeed hectic trying to run ahead of time, sacrificing lazy moments,  solitude compramising my personal freedom. Yet when I read through the acheivements of our team ... I feel really blessed and contented to  have followed my heart.
At this juncture I have to confide that when I started my journey I heard more mocking voices than inspiring ones , more doubts raised than assurances and saw stumbling blocks than stepping stones. Yet my heart told me there would be a day when my deeds will be applauded because I was doing it for the good of others and now.... it's not just a day .....but many when my actions are praised. I no longer hear those mocks nor those doubts , but only looks that reflect confidence and beleif in me.
Now as  I stand strong finally proving to myself that I was right, I would like to thank the many hearts that stood with me in this journey and request you to follow the voice of your heart just as I did. If your goal is for a good reason and if it's a selfless act of  goodness, it would render you only happiness....

Sindhu Nandakumar
Founder and Executive life coach at Svaastika  and 

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Let's rise above GENDER

The futher I tread into life, the more I realise the glory of  inspiration. I found many inspiring women around me . Some were  professionals based on their qualifications and  some on their talents.  The word multitasking had been primarly coined to appraise a lady. Quite interesting right? Well , thats what history claims.
Even at times when she is physically challenged ,like pregnancy and also at times when she is mentally challenged like even after facing traumatic incidents like acid attack, rape or family break up, she faces the world with a smile. I respect and applaude those many who have faced  hard times and still stood irrevocable with a victorious smile on their lips .
Well....well.... Pls dont jump into conclusions thinking this is just another write up to glorify women. Its absolutely not one of that .
 I am not a feminist.
 I would like to let all those ladies known whom have been illtreated by some man and then risen and shone in life that "if you claim that some man had thrown you down , abused you or atleast tried to suppress you and if you have risen above that  it is surely because some other man had stood by you at your darker times. Just like there is Mother Theresa, Florence Nitengale, Jansi rani there were many ladies you were accused of forcing girls into flesh trade, human trafficking, adultery and deadly crimes. If  goodness and evil exists in females then why not accept the fact that there is goodness and evil in men too? Lets rise above Gender and stone evil and praise goodness. I have  always been  proud to be a Lady ,and I respect men becuase I have a great father , loving brothers, a wounderful husband, true sons and rocking friends. I have been able to stand high and rise above tears only because of the love and confidence they have bestowed on me . 
 So lets rise above gender and call a devil a devil and an Angel an Angel.... LOL.... i just noticed it.... why is the devil always male and an Angel a female ... In one way that statement sounds apt for this article. It did bring in a smile to my face and also to yours even when the topic of the pen is so grave.... stay smiling  but dont forget to think about this .- Sindhu Nandakumar-

Monday, 19 September 2016

Beleive it or not

There are so many moments in our life that we keep aside from sharing simply because we know others won't beleive even if we dared to share ...

Well!... even though I do know that my wonderful readers would not beleive what I am going to write, I have decided to share such a rare moment that changed my entire life ... trust me ... its true and I am pretty sure you would love reading this ...

And since this falls into in a unbeleivable lot .. I will be uploading it in pieces to instigate the curiosity element in you .... Please note I am much older now and I am using present tense just to make it feel good.

Dont lose heart ... keep coming back to the same article ... I will be updating my story line every time you come back .... thats the magic of this note ...and as you read on ....Enjoy the break.


 The house stood lonely by the side of the road. 
 I knew …I was indeed lost and the sight of house only re enforced this feeling. This was one part of our colony where I have never visited before during my so called bicycle expeditions though I had always boasted of my familiarity with our neighbourhood. I was a resident of this colony since the age of 3 and now I am 14.

I braked my cycle to a screeching halt and got down to explore the new found territory. The metal gates sreeched as I opened them wide enough to let my thin frame in. The house seemed quite old but good enough to be my den next time we played hide and seek. I calculated as I went in. The door was locked with a chain around the handles and a heavy metal lock. Trying to open it would be sheer over confidence. So I started hunting for alternatives.

Viola!!! I found a broken glass window without grills. I crept in and started investigating pulling out drawers and open cupboards.. Lot of household dusty things but nothing to impress a 14 year old........ Until… my eyes fell on the wooden wand with a big diamond head. 
Wow!!!  That looked cool… a wand I had always wanted …dark brown in colour with twined strips of black leather and a glazing ball like a big diamond. My hands raced to pick it up. It was lying freely on one of the table racks but when I tried to grab it, it didn’t budge. I tried again and again. Still the same .It looked as if it was glued to the table .I walked around the table and checked …the table and the wand was covered with dust and spider web. Dusting the wand with my handkerchief revealed some inscriptions on the table. As I cleared the entire word I knew it was a collection of jumble letters. My expertise in cracking jumbled words from the Sunday Newspaper came in handy . It was one of my favourite magical words that I had read in many magical books. 
As if out of a fable I uttered the word and grabbed the wand. With an eye blinding light the wand came into my hand…..rolling itself around my wrist and became invisible…I touched my was not heavy ... wighed hardly that of a bangle..... I could feel it though I couldn’t see it. I got scared and excited at the same time. 
I re uttered the words and the magic wand crawled back into its former visible shape into my palm. I was shocked … mesmerised… and excited indeed on seeing this in reality ….. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do …. I could hear my heart racing …. My entire body whistling with excitement…. My hand couldn’t stop feeling the wand over and over ….

A spark of mischief gleamed across my eyes. ‘Will it be a magic wand as I had always fantasised? Will it have the power to fulfil my wishes? Why not test it out?’ I asked myself.

Holding the wand in a position most magicians’ do I pulled myself back into a brace position as I uttered the magical wand ….. with a glittering light the wand rolled itself around my wrist and became invisible…..cajoling myself I made my first wish ….. A falooda ice cream ….

Whoom…… there came my ice cream…..just as I desired.....I grabbed it and ate it ... the best one I ever had ....
Now I got the trick. If ever I wanted anything I just needed to utter the magic words and wait for the magic wand to unroll into my palm. Once the wand is invisible I need to wish…. And it will be done....and as before the wand would roll itself into my wrist invisibly.
Many around me ask why I dont wear any bangles? Why should I when I have this rare bangle . I smile as i hear this question every time .
I want to share this with others but as I told you … no one will ever believe this. I am pretty sure of your expression as you read this. 
Though I have the power of my magic wand I never used it unless it’s that severe, simply because we never know how many wishes that wand could fulfil. Though I was and is still worried about running out of my wish limit I have to admit that I can feel it even now around my wrist …... even after all these years …..

I feel relaxed after sharing my little secret. Do pen or inbox me your comments about how you feel. If you can believe ... send in a smiley ... if not its fine ... for I agree facts are stranger than fiction ……have a great day!!!

Friday, 10 June 2016

Face Book page

On behalf of Svaastika, an International NGO,which initiates the concept of well being, we would like to inform you about our new project named "SARO Reading Club" which aims at establishing libraries in local schools lacking such facilities to introduce, inculcate and motivate kids to read.We need your support in the form of book contributions,funds or physical volunteer-ship.As the saying goes "Every single drop in the ocean counts,likewise every nano contribution or action from your side counts . For more details or additional enquiries you can whatsapp us at (0091-956-299- 1777- Ernakulam) or (0091-860-666-5397-Trivandrum) team leaders...If you believe in supporting our ventures do like and share our Face Book page

Friday, 15 April 2016

Theme :Anti -plastic awareness campaign:2016 ( initiated by


Environmental scientist and writer Michael SanClements (@msanclem) shares some facts about plastic that you might not have known… Find out what else you might not know about plastic at
posted on Jun. 5, 2014, at 5:32 p.m.
Community Brand Publisher

1.Plastic was invented when a billiards company offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who could come up with a replacement for ivory in billiard balls. Pretty weird considering that plastic now causes so many environmental problems.

2.BPA was initially used as a hormone replacement in women and a growth hormone in cattle. Now it resides in plastic products that regularly come into contact with your food and drink.

3.90% of the adult population has chemicals from plastics in their bodies. These chemicals, like BPA, mimic hormones and have been tied to cancers, birth defects, and developmental disorders in children.

4.BPA free plastics may be as bad for you, or even worse for you, than those containing BPA. That’s because alternatives to BPA, like BPF might be even more harmful.

5.Plastic might be making you fat – the chemicals in plastic have been linked to obesity. Plus, avoiding plastic is a great way to avoid junk food. Unhealthy snacks tend to be packaged in a lot of plastic.

6.At the start of WWII plastic was basically unheard of, but today we are producing approximately 300 million tons of plastic annually. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to make it through a day without coming into contact with plastic literally hundreds of times

7.Ever give any thought to the plastic in your toys? You should. toys are classified as novelties, which assumes they won’t actually be used. For that reason, the quality of plastics and amounts of potentially toxic substances aren’t regulated.

8.Up to 40% of the bottled water you buy is tap water. You’re basically paying for something you can have for free from water fountain or for 1000-2000 times less on your home water bill.

9.Bottled water is classified as a food by the FDA, (makes sense right?) which means it is subject to less stringent regulation than tap water. True story.

10.A liter of bottled water is about three times as expensive as a liter of gas.

11.Cash register receipts are loaded with loosely bound BPA which can easily migrate through your skin and into your bloodstream. In fact, the amount of BPA in receipt paper is approximately 100-200 times higher than typically found in food packaging.

12.Roughly 50% of the plastic produced is used once and thrown away.

13.In the United States we landfill roughly 85% of the plastic we consume on an annual basis. Plastic is made from fossil fuels. There is a lot of energy locked up in that plastic, the equivalent of nearly 180 million barrels of oil annually. The technology to turn plastic back to oil exists. Meaning, we are literally throwing away or littering oil every day.

14.Some plastic products, like PVC shower curtains, emit clouds of toxic vapors into your bathroom – and lungs.

15.Some areas of the ocean contain hundreds of thousands of pieces of plastic per square mile.

When I was a kid , the word Cancer didn't hold much of a meaning in my life. As I grew people started using as a name for some deadly d...